Recent QSL Exchange

Hello Friends,

I send QSLs out on most all DX contacts according to instructions on or other means.
If we work, just let me know if you need to confirm it and I will get a card to you.

If you need a card to confirm Stone County, Mississippi, please email me to set up a sked to work and I will be more than happy to oblige you. Always glad to help.

If I owe you a QSL card and you don't receive it within a reasonable time of our QSO, it was an "Senior Moment" oversight on my part, so please email me at and I will make it a priority and send one out to you promptly.

It is always a pleasure to work you and exchange cards. If we haven't worked yet, I hope to meet you down the log.




My QSL cards were printed a number of years back by Mr.QSL, K4JSG ,who unfortunatly is NO LONGER IN BUSINESS!!!!

I QSL 100%. No SASE is necessary as I collect the cards.


I have been a ham operator for over 40 years and I have always had paper QSL cards available to those who wanted one. The hobby was based on QSL cards being sent to confirm our contacts. I realize that postage stamps have increased from 8 cents in 1979 when I was first licensed to 58 cents today, but, in my opinion, the paper card exchange is still worth it and I will gladly pay the 58 cents to exchange a card with you.

FIRST PREFERENCE: PAPER QSLs: --- Direct or via the bureau. If you send me a card direct, please send to my post office box at the address listed below. I will return my card back to you direct as well. If you send via the buro, I will send one back to you via the buro. Again, an SASE is not necessary as I appreciate receiving your paper QSL confirmation for my collection.

Direct Address:

Cecil Stanfield, K5CBS

P.O. Box 1433


(Note: QRZ. com address is good; P.O. Box preferred for security)

SECOND PREFERENCE: --- QSL via LoTW is great. I upload and download my log data to LoTW every few days. I may need a paper QSL card from you for various reasons. If so, I will sent you an SASE or SAE with green stamps, as required.

eQSL Info --- While eQSLs are quick and easy, they are not usable for ARRL or CQ awards at this time. They are good for confirmation and that's about it. I will reply to eQSLs as necessary, but it is not preferred or priority. I enjoy the paper QSL confirmations.